Updated: December 2003
A day without peace in your life is a day without light, just darkness and confusion; focus strongly to have a day of peace, light and contentment, avoiding all disruptive factors - whatever they may be.

Eliminate unsettling ways

Try to eliminate any unsettling ways in your life and try to maintain contentment and balance. Sometimes to achieve peace in your life some factor of your life, major or minor, may need to be eliminated or the influence on you will need to be considrably be reduced. If you are for some reason unable to remove the disruptive influence, be it due to an attachment or otherwise, then your need to greatly minimize its effect upon you; as well as the means by which you react and respond to the disruptive stimulous. You need to negate then eliminate all negative stimulous that enters your sphere of influence, control or effect; this includes physical and mental zone under your control.

• It is by maintaining peace and tranquility in our lives that we can fully appreciate our life's meaning.

• Peace is the light that will eliminate the darkness that hides our life's true purpose.

• Are we to conceed to the will of other, or live by our own will and desires, that are indeed our true destiny

• Dreams are our illusions to make the day more worth living.

• Our reality is variable and governed by our thoughts, words and actions.