Updated: December 2004
Echoes of Time

Time, a mortal means to measure the passing of our life, replacing the beat of our hearts as a record of what was, what is and a prelude to what will be.

It is without the clear understanding of the true value which time embraces that we can find our life flashing by withour meaning or purpose. It is only with a true understanding of our destiny, and a desire to achieve a predetermined goal - by using well laid plans, that our life can have on reflection been worthy of the time we had.

Everyone knows time is relentless and unstoppable, running its uncontrollable course.What we need to concern ourselves with is the use of this time, how to obtain the best value from each moment, how to use the time we have to obtain and achieve our true heart's desires, and our life's destiny.

The time to rest, to relax; time for nurishment, to learn, to earn money to support our life; time to enjoy the company of other; the time for spiritual pursuits; life should have balance otherwise we will never be truely contented, there will always be a longing for some missing element, always a wondering of what could have been, an unsettling discontentment that is left unanswered that may linger like a knife, cutting away at our hearts, mind and soul for eternity.

It is freedom that offers us the chance to pursue our hearts desires and this opportunity should not be squandered and wasted. If we live our life like a game of roulette, a game of chance, then we will surely deserve what we get. We will never under these circumstances know what we missed or what could have been, or what wonders we missed.